1-day Motorcycle Maintenance Class

$175/person, includes coffee and donuts with a 10-minute break.
Ryders Alley - 444 W 55th St., New York, NY, 6:30-9:30pm
Instructor: Armen Amirian has been teaching motorcycle maintenance in NYC for 39 years.

The fact that you own a motorcycle in NYC and work on it indoors puts you in the enthusiast category. One of the advantages of Ryders Alley is being able to work on your own bike. Time-permitting, the only problem is knowing where to start.

Few were born knowing how to work on machines and that’s where this seminar comes in. The objective is to spend an evening going over the basics of what motorcycle maintenance is all about. We’ll ask for a few volunteer bikes (hint: if you sign up early, we’ll probably use yours).

With a bike on the lift, we’ll review:

  • Chain and sprocket inspection, lube, and adjustment.

  • Oil and filter changes.

  • Brake/clutch fluid inspection and bleed.

  • Tire inspection and tire pressure.

  • Checking/torquing fasteners.

  • Air filter inspection and replacement.

With a bike on the ground:

  • Safety check of suspension.

  • How to pick up a bike without hurting yourself.

No tools or experience are required. All we request is that if your bike is being used, please have a shop manual (electronic or paper) for us to check specs. If we are checking the charging system, the battery must be fully charged.


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Utah (October 2017)

Moab, Utah (November 2015)